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    sonic the hedgehog fast approaching

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    i finally got up to this part and it’s hilarious because everyone makes >tfw jokes about this panel but okuyasu is literally talking about the feeling of not having a girlfriend that is literally what is happening here

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  4. Mhm

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    Yana Shmaylova at Fyodor Golan Spring 2015 LFW

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    My main Smash characters.

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    A live Artichoke drinking at a river

    Because Artichokes are classified as vegetables for import into the U.S. due to an 18th century zoning loophole, few in the country are even aware that they’re the thorax and abdomen of an animal.

    The Artichoke lives mostly in tropical regions and lives on a diet of ants and small insects which it siphons up with its long, hollow tongue. Artichokes are seldom raised on farms owing to their small size and the ease of their escape, instead they’re trapped for food and exported, often constituting as much as 80% of a nation’s economy.

    Only the meat connecting the scales of the Artichoke is edible, most of its body being condensed squamous cells. It’s heart is edible however, and is considered a delicacy by some gustibators.

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    2chan.net [ExRare]

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    me rtnow

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    I think its kickin’.

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    2014 タンブラー忘年会

    日時:11月22日(土)18:30集合 19:00開催

    集合場所:JR 目黒駅交番前

    開催場所:庄や 目黒408店

    今年も忘年会の時期がやってきました。去年の反省を踏まえ今年も開催致します。 みなさま、ふるってご参加ください!

    ※ Tumblrの「アツマレ」掲載には少々時間がかかる場合がありますのでご了承ください。





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